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Customized SEO solutions designed to enhance your digital presence

Improved Visibility

Our consistent efforts will boost your site’s search engine rankings and drive your visibility.



Increased Conversions

Our SEO efforts are tailor-made to improve conversion rates and bring in business growth.

Enhanced User Experience

From core web vitals to accessibility, we focus on user engagement across devices and demographics.

Long-Term Success

Our SEO foundation is built on content that adds value and natural link building. This ensures long lasting results.



Achieving success becomes a straightforward task when the concept and requirements are crystal clear from the outset. Our team of seasoned professionals at plutoandback , a leading SEO company in prayagraj specializes in crafting comprehensive and foolproof strategies. We meticulously gather project objectives and goals from our clients, ensuring a thorough understanding of what needs to be accomplished and delivered


Conducting thorough competitor analysis is a fundamental aspect of our work, where we delve deeply into understanding why competitors excel and achieve higher rankings on Google. We begin by collecting the desired keywords from our clients. Our team then conducts extensive research to identify both long-tail and high-value keywords. These carefully selected keywords not only contribute to securing top rankings but also attract new customers for our clients.


After conducting keyword research and analyzing our competitors, we identify the target web pages and implement optimizations to improve their SERP rankings. Our comprehensive audit encompasses various aspects including checking keyword density, optimizing meta titles and descriptions, adjusting word counts as necessary, enhancing internal and external linking strategies, and implementing other relevant optimizations


Once the website’s on-page and technical SEO have been optimized, we initiate our link-building efforts. Leveraging our extensive experience and database of high-authority sites, we swiftly acquire top-notch backlinks that enhance your site’s credibility and visibility. Moreover, we conduct a thorough backlink audit of your competitors, strategically placing do-follow links on similar websites to expedite results and drive immediate traffic to your site.